Friday, June 15, 2012

Orange jeans!

Last week I bought a pair of orange jeans.  Love them!!  I have been struggling since to find a top to go with them.  While I know there are lots of options, I just can’t seem to nail something down that I like. 
When it comes to colored jeans I guess I treat them as a neutral.  You can wear just about anything as long as the colors match.  Am I right here?  So, orange jeans I could wear with a blue, tan, white, black, and maybe even a patterned top.  I have been trying to avoid the orange and black combo because of the Halloween look.
This morning I had the orange jeans on with a blue and white patterned top.  It just didn’t look right to me.  That option was out!  Believe it or not I do not own a white t-shirt which is another easy option.  I do however have many black shirt options.  NO, I am avoiding the orange and black combo.  In the rush of everything that meant that the orange jeans were not being worn today.
Instead, I opted for a pair of black capri pants and a t-shirt.  I got in the car and started to drive to work.  I looked down at my outfit, which I had admired in the mirror before I left the house, and I realized I did the exact thing I was trying to avoid with the orange jeans!  I am wearing black pants and an orange top!  Maybe I wasn’t so critical about the outfit because the top and the bottom are both something I am comfortable wearing.  Perhaps bright colored pants are something I need to get comfortable with!  How do you all feel about bright colored pants?  Does anyone else have a fear of the Halloween look or some other color combination that you won't do?

Have a great day!

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