Friday, June 29, 2012

It's HOT!

Hi everyone!

While I look back at my posts from 2 weeks ago (sorry, I haven't been keeping up) I see that they were pics of dresses.  I then got to thinking about what I wore last week.  I think I wore a dress everyday!  Which makes me happy because that means I own a lot of summer dresses!  On the other hand I should probably mix it up?  BUT... It has been really hot here.  The idea of wearing jeans or pants just makes me hot thinking about it and I like it hot!  The other day it was 95 with crazy humidity and I was in love!  Of course on that day I wore a dress!  :)

Here is another dress that I wore!  Sorry for the squinty face!  We are working on the photo sessions!

Here is a close up of the pattern of the dress.

Dress: Loft (old)

Have a great weekend!  I think I am getting a new camera this week!  Yay!


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