Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday blues!

Well, here they are again!  The Monday blues!  I hate when the Sunday blues roll over into Monday!  I am trying to decide what to post and I don't know.  I was thinking about posting an outfit from a few days ago that in reflection of looking at the pics didn't work, but that might just add to the Monday blues. 

So, I am going to post some things that I love!  Maybe that will brighten my day!!!

Key West!!

Matt doing his favorite thing in Key West!

Ada and Ditto

This guy!

Oh, and I don't have a pic, but I love the Olympics!

Hope you are getting through your Monday blues!

Lisa B

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Latest outfit!

We are finally getting a reprieve from the hot weather.  A couple of days ago I was able to wear cropped jeans and a quarter length top without sweltering! 

(Do you like Ditto's outfit?)

(Little dog toy made it in the photo)

Shirt: Mysteree (old)
Jeans: Hudson (Beth Crop)

I love this top because of the lace detail and the nod to a baseball jersey!  It also has a nice hemline that gives more added detail.  I have also found that hemlines with a scoop (like the one on this top) create a more slimming look.  The crops what can I say, I love Hudson's!

Have a great weekend!

Lisa B

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I tried these sunglasses on and I totally shouldn't have!  Now I really want them! 
What's a girl to do?

Sunglasses: Burberry (Nordstom)
What do you do when you find yourself in the predicament?  Do you save your money and get them?  Where does one go to get them for cheaper (they're sunglasses, isn't it common to accidentally sit on them)?  Any suggestions?  A look a like would be fine!  Can you see the stud detail on the frame!  Lovely!
Lisa B

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hump Day!

Okay!  When we were in Kansas we came across this restaurant!  Really!  I Had to have a photo!

This was a very covert operation!  We through the car in park, I jumped out, and Matt snapped the picture from the passenger seat!  Therefore, I look a little disheveled!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Lisa B

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Fianlly we're having a rainy day!  I have forgotten how rainy days make me really sleepy!  I am so tired!

I don't know why I didn't post this exciting news right away, but on Thursday of last week I got a new camera (Canon T3i)!!!!  I haven't had too much time to play around with it, but here are a few snaps I took!

Look at the detail!  Wow!  These are flowers from our gardens in the backyard.  My husband is the landscaper!  Everything in the back he has planted with his own hands!  He's Awesome!

Have a great day!

Lisa B

Monday, July 23, 2012


Hi everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend!

This past weekend we went to Kansas City to visit my brother and catch a couple Twins games!  I had such a great time hanging out with my brother and I am so glad that my husband and him are great friends!

Going to Twins games at Kauffman stadium are always a blast!  Since the drive is pretty short there are typically a lot of Minnesota fans!  It's always fun to rub an away win in the home teams face!  That's my competitive side talking (too much?)!!

This weekend was also a little bit about redemption!  Three years ago we went to games at Kauffman and had a picture of the 3 of us taken.  It currently sits in a frame on a coffee table at our cabin.  Let me tell you, it's awful!  Every time I see it I cringe!  I was so overweight!  Actually, all of us are looking pretty chunky!  We all worked really hard over the last 3 years and have adopted a much more healthy lifestyle!  I am so proud of us!  Our goal this year was to get a picture is the same spot with us looking thinner to replace the gross one!  Redemption!

Without further adieu! 
Here is the photo from 3 years ago:  Yikes!

Here are photos from this weekend:

Wow!  What a transformation!  Look at me!  Look at my bro (on the right)!  I love it!!!!

Oh, and then there was this guy!

Gross!  That's really his back hair! 

Only in Kansas!

Have a great day!

Lisa B

Thursday, July 19, 2012

These Booties are Made for Walking!


1.Calvin Klein boots / 2.Steve Madden boots /3. Maison Martin Margiela wedge booties / 4.Jeffrey Campbell boots, $165 / 5.Stella McCartney platform wedge / 6.Wedge booties, $31 / 7.rag & bone leather boots / 8.AllSaints bootie boots / 9.Ankle booties

I know it's not fall yet, but I am in the market for a cute pair of booties.  When I work at Hot Mama I am on my feet for 5-8 hours at a time.  I know that might not seem like a lot for those of you who work in retail, but it's something that my virgin office job feet are not used to!  I had some pretty sore feet last year from flats that were cutting into the area around my big toe knuckle.  My solution, a pair of booties that won't have any seams hitting in weird spots!

I am actually going to be visiting a shoemaker (Sven's) in a few weeks and they may make me a cusotm pair of booties (dreaming)!  That should be so fun!  I look forward to posting about it!

What do you think about booties?  Do you have a favorite?

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Lisa B

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In the details

Here is what I wore yesterday. 

Shirt: Chris and Carol (old)
Pants: Fresh Laundry (Hot Mama)

I have found in my search to define my style that I like clothing with interesting details.  Like this shirt for instance, it has a crochet type detail on the back and is rouched on the sides (and the nautical stripes)!  Wow!  Another bonus is this also helps to add interest to my outfits since I am not much of a jewelry wearer.  I have everyday jewelry items that I wear, but that's about it.

What things do you look for in your clothing to add interest?

Have a great day!

Lisa B

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The pool and other weekend fun!

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  As many of you have probably heard we are having a crazy stretch of weather here in the midwest.  We have had 20 days in a row of over 85 degrees and it doesn't appear that it's going to be cooling down any time soon. 

Here is what our pups (and family) do to keep cool (I know this pool is huge)!

Ada, our goldendoodle, loves the water!  Ditto, the toy poodle, loves it only up to her belly!  They just love the pool!  We also found out a couple weekends ago that Ada loves to fetch frisbees in the lake!  She is such a good swimmer!

Here is a pic of a meal that I grilled.  Kabobs, mmmmm!  This time I also added pineapple to the veggie kabob!  It was delicious!

How do you keep cool?

Have a great day!

Lisa B

PS: Matt was working in the yard that day.  The shirt with the cutoff sleeves and the navy mechanic pants are not a typical outfit!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Favortie Maxi!

I love this maxi dress (yes, I am playing with a flower)! 

Dress: Weston Wear (similar, I bought mine at Hot Mama)
If you're not familiar with Weston Wear the fabrics they use are a cotton/lycra/mesh mix.  This allows the fabric to be very breathable and to form to the body nicely, but not too tightly. 

It's one of the best purchases I made this season.

Have a great weekend!


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red, White, and Blue without a Clue!

I know that this is really late! 

I am trying to find my rhythm with pics and posts and I really want a new camera!  Here is what I wore on the 4th of July.

The tank top is from Banana Republic and I was so excited to wear it!  Paired it with a jean skirt and a white cardigan (because it's always cold in the office).

I got to work and someone stated "how red, white, and blue" I was!

Really?  Would you look at that.  I guess I am!  I didn't even try!

This is one of those moments that I talked about in this post!  I try to stay away from wearing color combinations that represent holidays, but it looks like my subconscious takes over!

Have a great day!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Sale Time!

This has to be my favorite time of year, but I must say, this is when I feel the most addicted to shopping (I use the term "addicted" loosely here).  There are so many great sales out there right now!

I totally scored at Macy's on Tuesday.  I checked out the sale shoes and walked away with a adorable pair of Coach pumps and 2 pair of Cole Haan shoes.  I spent $150 on all 3 pair, but saved about $300!  The shoes are not slouchy either!  I love them!  Today I also got a great deal on a pair of Hudson jeans at Macy's (for the record I am not a big Macy's shopper, but they have great sales.  I typically check certain departments, like shoes and designer denim)!

My strategy this time of year is to shop frequently.  Even if I just have a couple minutes.  I go to my favorite stores and check the sale rack.  You never know when someone will return something or something will just magically appear (I love the magic appearances)!  Another strategy is to get on the email list for your favorite stores.  There are very few times that I don't have a coupon or some offer when I purchase.

What is your strategy?

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for reading!