Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Faves!

I must admit I am getting a little excited for fall clothing!  I tried on the Gap elbow cardigan sweater yesterday and I love it!  I have already purchased the Joe's Jeans and am going to get the DV boots for sure!  Any of these items on your list?  What are some of you're must haves?
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Have a great day!
Lisa B

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Sorry no post yesterday.  I took a long weekend and decided that I wasn't going to do anything that involved technology yesterday!  It felt good!  I did check email, but not my work email!  :)

The weekend was pretty eventful, although I didn't take many pictures!

I went to Sven's and checked out my clogs.  They didn't quite fit right, so they are being altered right now!  I should have them this week.  They look so good!  I can't wait to show you all!

We also went to the Minnesota State Fair and stuffed our faces, saw some animals (horses, pigs, dogs) and entertained ourselves with some excellent people watching!  Sometimes I wonder what cracks these people crawl out of!  WOW!  Didn't get any pics.  It's just too hard to be sneaky!

Funny story:

The worst outfit all day!  This guy was wearing these crazy retro swirly shorts, a black shiny short sleeved dress shirt and moccasins.  It was just too much!  Turns out he is one of the local television weather people here!  I was watching that channel last night and knew it was the guy from the ugly shorts!  For the integrity of that person he shall remain nameless!

Here is an outfit that I wore on Sunday!  It's very casual, but hey this is me on the weekend!

Top: Target (Mossimo tank)
Jeans: Hudson Beth crop

We were driving home from Sven's and saw this amazing arborvite hedge.  It was pretty cool to walk in there!

Here it is without a person!

Have a great day!

Lisa B

Friday, August 24, 2012


Hi all and happy Friday!  We made it!

Here is what I wore yesterday.  I love this dress!  The polka dots are so cute and the colors are unexpected!  I usually wear it with leggings because it's a little short for work.  Also, because it's frigid at work I throw a sweater on. 

Ada loves to steal the show!

Sorry for the blurry picture!

Sweater: Target (old)
Dress: Francesca's Closet (old)
Shoes: Style and Co. (old)

Have a great weekend!  I am picking up my Sven's clogs on Saturday!!!!

Lisa B

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Black and Blue

Do you ever have one of those days when you stare in your closet and just can not figure out what to wear?

This happened to me yesterday!  I knew I wanted to wear black pants, but couldn't put together a suitable outfit!  I know what you're thinking "it's black pants, come on!".  That's what I was thinking too!  I just couldn't put it together!  I know that part of the problem is that I don't have black sandals that I like, so a lot of the easy black pant outfit options were out!  I knew I had the blue shoes and the blue tank top, so I went with that after 20 minutes of just standing there!

Sweater: Target (old)
Tank: Nikibiki (Hot Mama)
Pants: Fresh Linen (Hot Mama, no longer available)

Tell me about those days when you just can't figure out an outfit.  What are your go to pieces to resolve the issue?

Have a Great Day!

Lisa B

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Awwe, the things we do for love!

Hi all!

I was reading a post over at Pearls and Paws where Heather was talking about how she went camping this weekend with her boyfriend and that she doesn't really like camping.  It reminded me of my funny camping situation. 

When my husband and I were dating we had gone camping with friends a few times.  When we decided to get married we went to Target and registered for our wedding gifts.  When we got to the camping aisle Matt went nuts!  He was shooting that scanner gun like crazy!  As "luck" would have it we got most of those requested camping items as wedding gifts!  After about a couple months of being married I finally had the heart to tell him that "I really don't like camping".  I know that he was really disappointed!  I can still remember the look on his face to this day!  While we were dating though I had to "enjoy" camping because I loved him and he loved it, but now that we're married I can be honest!  No more facades necessary!  Right?

Other things I do for love....
Watch MMA fights (we are even going to a live UFC event in September)!
Listen to Matt's music (it's not necessarily my favorite).

BUT.... I love him and I'm sure there are things that he has to do for me that he isn't excited about too (like taking pictures for this blog)!

What do you do for love that you're not excited about?

Have a great day!

Lisa B

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Report

Hi all!

I had a great weekend!  How about all of you?

My experience at Sven's clogs was awesome!  I can't wait to post about it.  Marie and Lisa were so amazing and welcoming! 

I don't have my clogs that I designed in hand yet, but will have them next weekend!  I can't wait to show you!

They are also going to give me a pair of clogs to raffle off!  I'm going to have to look into how to do that.  If any of you have recommendations let me know!

In other activities...

We had some friends up to our cabin and spent some time among some of my favorite bars in Wisconsin!  I only wish the I would have taken more pictures!  I must remember to do that next time!!!!

On Saturday the gals went to Chateau St. Croix for some wine tasting.  I was so fun to have girl time!


The weather was so beautiful!

Have a great Monday! 

Lisa B

Friday, August 17, 2012

So Excited!!!

Ok, I know I already posted today, but I have the most exciting news!!!

For those of you who are avid readers, you may remember that I mentioned getting to design my own pair of Sven clogs....Well, the day has arrived (well, it will be Sunday)!

I get to go to the factory, meet the owner, meet the marketing superstar (Lisa), and get to design my own pair!  I may even walk out with them on Sunday!

I will be sure to document the whole day and get back to you all!

For now, here is their website (they also make clogs for some high end brands that I'm not sure I can tell you about):

Here is a pic of a direction I might go!


Have a great weekend (again)!

Lisa B

Striped Blazer

Hi all!

I wore this outfit to work yesterday.  I love how it looks professional, yet is very comfortable.

I love this blazer for 2 reasons. 
1. It's nautical! 
2.  It's made out of a sweatshirt like material. 

When deciding what pants to wear I could have easily select jeans, but I wanted to wear an outfit that would allow me to get the white pants in before Labor day!  I know it's a silly rule, but I follow it.

I added the aqua cami for a splash of color and also so I could wear the aqua sandals that match!  Nice! 

Do you follow the Labor Day rule?

Have a great weekend!

Lisa B

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simple Style

I was just reading Kendi's blog post today about her having a simple style and it got me thinking.....

Being new to the fashion blogging world I knew I had my style, but once I started checking out other blogs I began to question my own.  Like Kendi refers to in her blog, she has a simple style.  I believe that I do too.  Many bloggers out there love to add fun accessories from the bauble bar and mix a lot of patterns in their outfits.  Don't get me wrong, I love to see how everyone expresses themselves and I think it looks great on them, but it's not me!  I don't like to wear a lot of jewelry and what I do wear I wear the same thing everyday.  If I were to add extra accessories I think I would be uncomfortable. 

I have been struggling with this for a while!  I wasn't sure that if I was going to have a fashion blog that I needed to add those things.  The truth is however, that this is a blog about me and what I consider to be my style.  It's okay to be simple!

Whew!  The pressure is off on this front!  Thanks Kendi!

Here are some simple outfits that I have put together in the past couple months!

Where is the smile here?

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!!

Lisa B

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Do you ever feel like the pressure is just too much?

The pressure to be good at your job (or jobs). The pressure to be thin, pretty, interesting, nice. The pressure to be stylish.  The pressure to be a good wife, Mom, friend.  The pressure to have a good blog that people want to read. 

As I read all of my pressure points I see that they are all pressures I put on myself, but I really want all of those things!

What I am finding however, is that all of these pressures can be really un-motivating (maybe not a real word)!  I am tired! I am tripping on my own toes.

What are some things that I can do to relieve the stress.....

I can't quit my job.  I can't quit on all the hard work I put in to lose the weight.  I like to be interesting.  I want to have a good blog.  I want to be a good wife and friend (I am only a Mom to my dogs currently).

I think I need to give myself a break. I think I am trying to hard. I need to just be myself and everything listed above will come naturally. Right? I know that there are things that have to be worked at, but I need to give myself a break!

Serenity now, serenity now!!!

Lisa B

Monday, August 13, 2012

Casual Friday and Date Night

I wore this outfit on Friday to work and then to dinner.  I am kind of bummed because the pictures didn't quite turn out.  You win some, you lose some!  I am however very excited about this denim jacket!  I like the dark denim wash and it has just the right amount of stretch.

Dress: Bobi
Denim Jacket: American Eagle

Have a great Monday!

Lisa B

Friday, August 10, 2012

Colored Jeans Finally!

Hi everyone!

Well the weather has finally cooled off some so I could wear an outfit that I've had in my mind all summer!  I bought these orange colored jeans at the beginning of summer and have not worn them yet!  Finally!!!!

Ditto always steals the show!

Jeans: Gap (similar)
Shirt : Banana Republic (similar)
Shoes: Seychelles (exact)

On another note, our dear Ada has a boo boo.  She now has to wear a cone for a few days.

She is still so cute!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Lisa B

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sunday Dress

Happy Thursday almost Friday!  This week has been crawling along!

Today I thought I would feature a dress that I wear on most Sunday's (not all, that would be weird!).  This dress is so easy to throw on and is a nice airy fabric.  So, when it's hot outside, I stay cool!  When it's too cool, I just pop a cardi over it and I'm good to go.  The best part about this dress is that it's from Target!  Gotta love Target!

Dress: Target (old)
Sweater: Gap (Similar)

Apparently I don't wear shoes on Sunday's either! 

You would think a girl would move the vase and try to not get the electrical outlet in the pic!

Also, head on over to Respect the Shoes, the wonderful Lisa included me in her Summer Staples post!
Have a great day and thanks for reading!

Lisa B

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Reunion

Hi all!

Sorry I was absent the last couple days!  We went to Omaha Nebraska for a family reunion. 

Do you ever have to go places where your in your mind you are like "Nebraska!  What is there to do there?  This will be a great time (insert sarcasm here)"!  On Saturday a group of the family went to an area of Omaha called the Old Market and I must say I was pretty impressed.  This area used to be (way back in the day) a warehouse area with a few store fronts and about 20 to 30 years ago it was revitalized into a farmers market/retail area, but they kept all of the charm.  It is so cute!  While I was walking in the area for a minute I felt like I was transported to the 1920's.  See the photos below!

Dress: Tart

If you are ever in the Omaha area it's totally worth it to check this out!

Have a great day!

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Outfit miss

Hi all!

I am posting an outfit that I wore a while back that I would consider a miss.  Of course, I checked this outfit in the mirror before I left the house and I thought it was great, but when I saw the photos I was not impressed.

Sweater: Gap
White cami: Old Navy

I have decided that although the jeans are so comfortable I don't really like the light wash.  I think that they make my legs look larger than they are.  I love a dark wash denim with a little fading on the thigh.  Slight fading on the thigh can help the leg appear thinner.  The sweater.... I love the color, but maybe unbuttoned would have been a better option?  The white cami under the sweater seems to be hitting me in a weird spot (really looks strange), perhaps a more flowy tank would have been better?  Also, I feel like if I had a darker color shoe it might have grounded the outfit.  In this picture my feet are blending into the background.

Has this happened to you?  You wore an outfit that you thought was great, but when you saw a picture or caught a glimpse in the mirror you were not so impressed?

Have a great day!

Lisa B

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Hi everyone!

Short post today!  I'm getting to do an item from my bucket list today!  Heading to a Twins afternoon game during the week!  The business woman's special!  Hot dogs and beer instead of work here I come!


Have a great day!

Lisa B