Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Hi all!

Sorry I haven't posted this week!  I am going through some changes!

Well, mainly we moved to a new location in the building at work.  This is awesome!  We were stuck in the basement with no windows and now I see the light of day! 

The bad part...
I do some of my blog work at work.  I know that's bad, but I am sure many of us do it!  Currently, I am working out the new feel of the space and finding out if I will be able to update the blog at work without too many eyes around.  I feel like I am a little more exposed right now!

I have items to post for tomorrow and am working on my big clog reveal!!

Please stay tuned!

Oh, and another reason why there are no pictures...... 

You have to charge the camera every once in a while!

Lisa B

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