Friday, July 6, 2012

Sale Time!

This has to be my favorite time of year, but I must say, this is when I feel the most addicted to shopping (I use the term "addicted" loosely here).  There are so many great sales out there right now!

I totally scored at Macy's on Tuesday.  I checked out the sale shoes and walked away with a adorable pair of Coach pumps and 2 pair of Cole Haan shoes.  I spent $150 on all 3 pair, but saved about $300!  The shoes are not slouchy either!  I love them!  Today I also got a great deal on a pair of Hudson jeans at Macy's (for the record I am not a big Macy's shopper, but they have great sales.  I typically check certain departments, like shoes and designer denim)!

My strategy this time of year is to shop frequently.  Even if I just have a couple minutes.  I go to my favorite stores and check the sale rack.  You never know when someone will return something or something will just magically appear (I love the magic appearances)!  Another strategy is to get on the email list for your favorite stores.  There are very few times that I don't have a coupon or some offer when I purchase.

What is your strategy?

Have a great weekend!  Thanks for reading!


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