Thursday, July 12, 2012

Red, White, and Blue without a Clue!

I know that this is really late! 

I am trying to find my rhythm with pics and posts and I really want a new camera!  Here is what I wore on the 4th of July.

The tank top is from Banana Republic and I was so excited to wear it!  Paired it with a jean skirt and a white cardigan (because it's always cold in the office).

I got to work and someone stated "how red, white, and blue" I was!

Really?  Would you look at that.  I guess I am!  I didn't even try!

This is one of those moments that I talked about in this post!  I try to stay away from wearing color combinations that represent holidays, but it looks like my subconscious takes over!

Have a great day!


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